The  quality  of  education  gets  the  topmost  priority  here  at  Jesus School For Excellence.  We  have  every  piece  of  infrastructure  to  impart  teaching  to  the  students .  A  posse  of  qualified  faculty  experienced  in  teaching  both  home  and  abroad  impart  tuition work.  We  have  highly  versatile  electronic  tools  such  as  PCs  and  overhead  projectors  for  projecting  lessons  on  the  screen , while  verbal  presentations  are  done  by  the  teachers. Each classroom has an individual PC.
                     Our  classrooms  are  technically-equipped  to  ease  the  rigors  of  teaching  and  make  learning  a  session  of  pleasure.  We  have  Smart school solutions  teaching  software installed  in  every  class  to  lend  high-technical  facet  to  the  classrooms.

“The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows.” The Jesus School is an idyllic place for children to grow and develop. The school considers the interaction between students and teachers to be the most important factor in developing the talents of every child.

The curriculum at Jesus School is CBSE and provides students with many experiences through activities, arts, excursions and sports. Fundamental to its success is the strong belief that each child is a unique individual with differing needs.

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