Abiding by School and Class Rules

  • Students, teachers and parents should work closely together to insure excellent behavior and educational success. Students are expected to consistently abide by our behavior code. Obey the principal, Teachers and others in authority.
  • The individual rules of each classroom should be followed, with any questions discussed first with the classroom teacher. Give full, respectful attention to your teachers, cooperatively following directions.


   The School expects every student to maintain proper decorum and good behavior at all times. Bad language, bullying and disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated. Students against whom there are repeated complaints, or who are unable or unwilling to benefit from the system of education are liable for suspension or expulsion.


  • The School begins at 8.30 a.m. All students must attend General Assembly at 8.35 a.m. From Monday to Fridays. Attendance on the first day of the term and on the last working day of every term is compulsory. The School Gate will be locked at 8:30 a.m. on all working days. However, after meeting the Principal, students will be permitted to attend class.
  • Students should never leave the school for any reason unless they are accompanied by a parent, guardian or school faculty member, after being properly “signed-out” at the School Office.


  • Fees shall be paid quarterly / annually at the School Accounts Section. Fees shall be paid on the dates specified in the School Dairy. Fines will be collected for fees paid after the due date. Students are liable to have their names struck off the rolls for non-payment of fees beyond the stipulated time. Late payments will attract a penalty of Rs.100 per day after due date.

4. Attendance:

  • Students are required to attend school regularly. Tardiness and the early dismissal of students are discouraged. A student is considered tardy/late after attendance is taken in the morning. Students should be removed from school early only when a reasonable situation prevents the child from attending school for the entire day. Early dismissals interrupt both the child’s education and other students in class.
  • 80% attendance is compulsory for each term as per the School Managing Council Rules. Whenever a student is tardy or absent from school for any reason, a note through phone to school office should be sent to school the day the child returns explaining the cause. This regulation is a legal protection for each child and his/her parents.


Students are expected to come to School in the prescribed uniform.

  • Mon, Fri    :–  Formal Uniform – White shirt, Grey Pant, Tie, Coat, Shoes & Socks (Boys)

                                                     White shirt, Purple Checked skirt, Coat, Shoes & Socks (Girls)

  • Tue, Thur  :–  Formal Uniform without coat
  • Wed           :-  Casual Wear – T-shirt, cream colour pant, Sport shoes & Socks


  • Girls
    Girls’ hair should always be neatly groomed and tied. Any kind of makeup and nail polish is not allowed.
    Colouring of hair, inappropriate hair styling and body tattoos are not permissible.
    Eye make up,Anklets, fancy hair clips and ear rings are STRICTLY PROHIBITED.
  • Boys
    Boys’ hair must be cut above the collar level. No fancy hair cuts are permitted. 
    Colouring of hair, inappropriate hair styling and body tattoos are not permissible.
    Low waist trousers or over sized clothes are STRICTLY PROHIBITED. 
    Boys’ must wear white vests only.

7. Classrooms:

  • Come to class prepared with all the materials you need and be ready to begin work on time. When students enter a classroom, it should be done in an orderly manner. Students should take their seats and prepare for their next lesson, and not exit until dismissed by a teacher.
  • During class lessons, excellent behavior is always expected. Raise your hand politely and wait to be called upon if you wish to speak during a class lesson. If the class is involved in an informal discussion, take turns with others when speaking. Give your full attention to the teacher or student who is speaking, and allow other students to concentrate on their work. Behave in a manner that does not disrupt classroom learning or the operation of the school.

8. Class Assignments:

  • Homework and classwork assignments should be completed neatly, carefully, and on time. Students should work to their full potential. If a child experiences difficulty in completing an assignment with “good cause”, the child’s parent should explain the situation to the teacher with a short note or phone call. The teacher may decide to excuse the student, allowing extra time to complete the assignment.


  • Project work in every subject is a part of the syllabus / curriculum from Std I to Std XII. Parents are advised to ensure that the students take these assignments seriously and submit them for evaluation on the specified dates mentioned in the School Diary.


  • Relevant books, neatly covered should be brought as per the time-table. Parents must ensure that the homework is completed and the diary is signed every day.


  • Parents are not permitted to enter the classrooms. They may meet the Founder Chairman / Director of Academics / Principal between 11.00 a.m. to 12.00 a.m. and 2.00 p.m. to 3.00 p.m. only, unless there is an emergency. With prior permission they are permitted to meet the Class Teachers and the Subject Teachers between 2.30 p.m. to 3.30 p.m. They are expected to attend all Parent Teacher Meetings and collect the report cards without fail.


Formative Assessment
              1. Class Work                          8. Quiz                                        15. Research work(Group)
              2. Home work                          9. Assignments/Tests                 16. Photographs/Videos
              3. Work sheet                         10. Observation                           17. Self Assessment
              4. Project                                11. Practical Experiment             18. Portfolio
              5. Group Discussion               12. Narrative Record                   19. Essay
              6. Role Play                            13. Check list                               20. Interview etc.
              7. Verbal Assessment             14. Peer Assessment 

Summative Assessment
1. Will be term end Assessment
               2. Question paper will be prepared by CBSE/School
               3. Answer scripts will be corrected by School
               4. Syllabus will be prescribed by CBSE
According to CCE, the entire academic year is divided into two semester
                1. Semester 1 (Term 1)               : April to September
                2. Semester 2 (term 2)                : October to March


  • Parents are requested to co-operate in all our School activities. The students must be encouraged to take part in all the extra and co-curricular activities organized by the School.


  •           Students have to maintain perfect silence in the knowledge hub. Students have to take care of the library property. The Computer in the library to be used only for academic purpose. They are not to be used for any form of entertainment. Food and drinks are not allowed in the library.

15. School Hallways and Restrooms:

  • When moving on school property, walk calmly and slowly. With the exception of Physical Education or organized Recess Period activities, there is to be absolutely no running , helping to prevent needless accidents. Store book bags in lockers.
  • Hallways, restrooms, and class lines should be reasonably orderly to prevent disturbing classes which are in session. Pencils, pens, crayons and markers should be left in classroom when visiting restrooms. Proper hallway behaviour and care, including litter prevention, are expected. Lockers should only be visited at designated times with teacher permission.
  • During morning arrival and afternoon dismissal, orderly student hallway procedures should be consistently followed using bell signals and any assigned monitors’ directions. If designated, a common entrance/exit to the school is to be used.
  • Class “group” lines should generally walk on the left side of the school hallways to provide for a uniform traffic flow.

16. Lunchroom:

  • Lunch periods at school are to be conducted in an orderly manner. Respect and good manners are expected; the directions of the supervisory teachers and aides should be followed with respect. Students should remain seated in the School lunchroom unless granted permission to leave their seats. Classes should enter and exit the lunchroom in an orderly manner, and respect any “quiet time” requested by supervising teachers during Lunch Period.

17. Playground:

  • The directions of the adult supervisors on the School Playground should be carefully followed. Energetic play should happen outdoors only, and only with respect for others’ well-being. No rough play will be permitted. Running on the School Playground is permitted in organized activities with the permission of adult supervisors. Play is limited to designated areas, and students should stay within sight of an adult. Unless otherwise directed, parking lots and public roads are off limits. Students should remain on the School Playground unless given permission to enter the building. Leave sticks, stones, and sand on the ground unless using them in a safe, adult-approved activity.


Students who avail the School Transport System are hereby instructed that NO foul language, bullying, throwing articles out of the bus etc. will be tolerated. If found, such students will lose the benefit of the School Transport facility and will have to make their own arrangements.

19. Prohibited:

    Electronic devices / mobile phones are not permitted inside the School Campus. If confiscated for the first time they will have to pay a fine of Rs.1000. Repetition of the same offense will result in a fine of Rs.5000, and the gadget will be returned only at the end of the Academic Year.
  • Students are not permitted to bring chewing gum into the school building or on school grounds to prevent the litter it causes.
    Students who do not possess valid Driving License are not permitted to use the Motor Vehicles to the School.
    Students are not allowed to bring large sums of money to the school or items of great value. Students should be responsible for the safe custody of their belongings. School officials will not be responsible for loss of any item.

20. Respect for School and Personal Property:

  • Any destruction or defacing of School property will not be tolerated and must be made good by those responsible. Breakages in the laboratories and loss of books in the Library must be compensated / replaced.
  • The School is not responsible for any loss and thefts of student’s property. Students should not bring cell phones, expensive watches and other valuables to School. Be respectful of others’ belongings, using them only with permission. A student who steals or damages any property not belonging to him/her may be required to make appropriate restitution.

21. Honesty and Respect for Others:

  • Honesty, respect and trust are student virtues highly valued and encouraged by the Jesus School. Treat others with kindness, respect and courtesy. Make other students feel welcome with your friends.
  • Settle disagreements with others through discussion, asking for help if you need it. Touch others and speak to others in kindness only. Refrain from aggressive or threatening behavior toward fellow students, teachers or other school staff.
  •  Fighting or rough play are strictly prohibited in school. If a child experiences a problem with another child, s/he should notify the nearest teacher or aide immediately. Children should be instructed in ways to avoid getting involved in conflicts.


  • If the parent wishes to withdraw the student at the end of the academic year, Transfer Certificate has to be collected before 30th of April. If the Transfer Certificate is applied for after 30th April, full year fee for the next Academic Year will have to be remitted in order to obtain the Transfer Certificate. 
  •  If a student wishes to apply for the Transfer Certificate during the Academic Year, the full year’s fees will have to be remitted.

Any situation which is not covered in these general rules and regulations will be considered a matter of professional discretion by the School Principal and faculty, considering current school regulations and policies. Each school regulation is designed to encourage safety, respect, cooperation, order and a positive learning climate. 

Make everyone proud of Jesus School children.


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