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Sardar dr.s.a.raja

Sardar Dr.S.A.Raja, Founder chairman of Rajas group of College was born on 14th August, 1937. Being a spiritual, Dynamic, Thinker, Creater, Hard worker, Philosopher, Generous, and Determined man in nature started his life in Indian Army and served the nation for 15 years, then went to Saudi Arabia for 10 years, and then decided to invest all his earnings in his home town Vadakangulam by starting Educational Institutions. In 1984, he started the First Institution S.A.Rajas Polytechnic College, and subsequently the other colleges TIEC, RDC, JEC, SARPC, Arts College, J S E C, Sardar Raja College of Engineering in 2000, B.Ed College, Arul College for Technology, so on.

He dedicated his entire life for the upliftment of the Poor downtrodden people by giving them Free Higher education, Free food and shelter, Charity to Church, Temple and Mosque, financial assistance for the widow and orphans. All his life, he spend his time thinking about, “What to do Next?”  His simplicity and courage adds highlights to this great speaker.

Our founder Chairman Sardar Dr.S.A.Raja is married to Smt.Sophia Raja and has five Children. His 75th Birthday was celebrated as Platinum Jubilee on 14th August, 2012 . Satisfied with all his done to his people and place, our great leader said his last words “Yesuvin Namathai Pugalvom” ie “Praise the Lord” and rested his soul on 3rd January, 2013. We dedicate our New School to this Great Man.

Er.a. jesus raja

Er.A.Jesus Raja, Chairman of Sardar Raja Colleges founded JESUS SCHOOL FOR EXCELLENCE in the Year 2013, founded by. Being an educationist and philosopher in nature, he has a wide experience in the administration of Schools and Colleges. He is the son of Sardar Dr.S.A.Raja, founder Chairman of Rajas Colleges. School managing council takes care of the day to day administration of the school.


Warm greetings  in the name of our Saviour  Lord !   It  pleasures  me  to  meet  you  through  this  in-house  magazine.   Visible  trends  are  seen,  wherein, the  education  as a  sector  has  squarely  shifted  from the state to the hands  of the corporates.  Today, we  witness  ( as  you  are aware ) that  the premier  institutions  reputed  for  rendering  quality  education  are  run  by  the  private  players.
This  amply  illustrates  that  the  private schools  are  performing  marvellously, etching  their  names  indelibly. True that the fee or  monetary  charges  are  nominal. When  it  comes  to  quality education, you  can see , students  are  too  eager  to  enroll  in our school. This  inspires  us  as  a   maiden  institution , at  the budding  level, that  is  strongly  committed  to  impart  education  using  state-of –the –art  technology  in  pedagogy. Being a  benefactor  of  my  children  at  JSE, I  took  up  this  indomitable  challenge, and  vowed  to  toil  with  a single  mantra ‘ Quality Education.‘  This  world  is  extremely  competitive, as  competitive  exams  for  entrance  into  professional  courses  are  determined  with  a  razor-sharp  0.01 %  mark  difference.
Against  this  present  stark  realities , my  labour  to  positively  ensure  top-notch  standards  of  education  turns  even  more  crucial. We  labour  for the  best,  here  at  Jesus School !   Do lend your support in my  noble academic venture.

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