JESUS SCHOOL FOR EXCELLENCE was started in the Year 2013, founded by Er.A.Jesus Raja, Chairman of Jesus Group of Organizations. Being an educationist and philosopher in nature, he has a wide experience in the administration of Schools and Colleges. He is the son of Sardar Dr.S.A.Raja, Founder Chairman of Rajas Colleges. Smack in the midst of breezy wind and Wind mills, the Jesus School gives the ideal hygienic environment for your children to study, play and dance. Spread over 200 acres of lush, green land under our Trust, our campus is the safest place to send your child. Fountains and sculptures adorn the grounds, while manicured lawns and tree-filled parks offer breathing room.

Our experienced and well qualified staff team guide our students in all ways. At the same time, the campus offers all the amenities and high-tech facilities required by modern School. Our top class facilities include high-tech laboratories, modern A/c classrooms, Digital library, 24 hrs Internet computer lab, Arts and Music room and state of the art Sports arena which has 400 mtr Track and Field, Multi Gym, Volleyball and Basketball ground and a sophisticated indoor Swimming pool.

The school is run by Jesus Educational and Charitable Trust, which is been actively involving in both education and charity service. The school is located in vadakangulam, 25 kms from Nagercoil, 60 Kms from Tirunelveli, 100 Kms from Trivandrum, 20 Kms from Kanyakumari and 15 kms from Vallior.

Why not visit our campus, sense the truth and then admit your children? While you’re here, be sure to check out our on campus dining and hostel facilities. We look forward to seeing you! 

                                                             Live to Learn; Learn to Live.

      To mix the best values of International standard with Indian culture to make a Perfect Mankind.

     To make your child Read, Learn, Understand, Analyze and Speak by teaching them value based education.

                     Our school teaches CBSE syllabus, which would help your children to take up higher education anywhere in the world. Apart from regular learning, we also focus on Sports, Arts and Music. We identify you child’s inborn talents and train them with professionals. By the time your children completes his 12th Grade, he would become a smart, dignified, healthy and brilliant person who can read, learn, Speak and live with the values of Indian culture with International standards.

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